I had the most amazing experience last week. It wasn’t a big deal except to me.

That’s what this blog is for. To inspire you to look for God in your every day life.

I had a professional head shot session done by a local photographer, Her grace reflected a changed heart for God and I experienced God’s comforting presence the moment I walked into her studio. Because of her engaging personality, I was able to let my guard down.

I was able to put aside my fear of being captured on camera.

That’s what God wants, for us to be real. He wants us to show and share how becoming His beauty in real and practical ways.

When Christ’s true beauty is the lens of our hearts it shouldn’t be contained.

God also knows it’s a challenge for me to let people into my past. But He took care of that and paved the way into my soul to connect with Mary’s own authenticity.

What God did in a couple of hours took my breath away when I thought about it.

Isn’t that just the kindest thing ever?

You think this was just about taking a few head shots for an upcoming speaking engagement. But God…has His developing ways, and had this angle already covered for me. His mercy and grace brings the perfect amount of His goodness to each opportunity where we invite Him in.

I’m not just talking about a cherry on a Sundae here, I’m talking about a holy touch of His Presence to the depths of my soul. To experience God, in HIS real and authentic way.

As I saw just one finished photo I gasped. When I saw them all I was overwhelmed with healing tears. At last, I could see God’s beauty changes in me, I could see what God has been becoming deep within my heart for years. My fears were washed away from one look of God’s view of me.

Instead of seeing chopped liver, I saw that I was His valentine.

All my fears of capturing my worst side…
All my fears of seeing the imperfections…
All my fears of me looking inward…

…were rolled away. My heart has been awakened to the freedom that I’ve always had in claiming my identity in the one Perfect Savior.

What erased my fears and took my breath was an holy look into the true transformation in my heart that could only come from God who said, “Look what you’ve become, holy, set apart, and mine.”

And in that moment…I saw beauty. I saw Christ. I saw my freedom. I saw me from God’s lens, the angle He’s always held.

Now there are no more negatives. I have freedom in being captured by His love lens.

  • Freedom from fear of the opinion of others.
  • Freedom to live from God’s holy approval.
  • Freedom in seeing His beauty in my imperfections.
  • Freedom from hiding His awesome transformations.

All just a few photos. Life-changing when you submit your heart to the One who created you with His holy breath.

My prayer: God I’m all in. Have your way in me. Show me how to be the godly woman you have designed me to be and how to imitate You. May I be the worshiper you have created me to be.

When you are bruised by fears God will still use them in a most glorious way, may His peace always pave the way to our freedom. God have your way with me.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

What kind of fear are you trying to overcome today?

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