Nobody chooses to wake up grumpy.

It’s hard enough leaving the comfort of a toasty bed only to be hit by a chill in the room somewhere on the magnitude of 5:00AM in Nome, Alaska.   But this time of year, the lack of sunlight coming into your bedroom and the abundance of wintry air only adds to your struggle with that groggy feeling.  As you’re trying to get everyone out the door successfully, someone up ends your morning routine- and is greeted with your best impression of a 6 foot grizzly standing on its hind legs while growling utterances which make it clear to all in the room, now is not the time to mess with mom!

So why does this happen?

Researchers at Duke University say women suffer physically and mentally more than men if they fail to get enough sleep.  According to an Australian news article, a woman’s lack of sleep can lead to more anger, depression, and hostility in the morning.  Men?  Researchers found no connection between aggression and sleep deprivation.

What should you do?

1)    Share this piece of important information with those you know: it turns out women DO indeed need more sleep than men!

2)    Print this article out.  Post it on the mirror.   Do a victory dance letting your family know you were right all along.  You know you want to.

3)    Give yourself permission to go to bed earlier.  Now you know the difference it makes!


Photo: Flickr

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