I just got back from a health immersion in Florida where I’m blessed to teach and train people about Visibly Fit™ a couple times a year. If I were to highlight just one word that was used most frequently at the conference by the doctors and speakers

…that word would be – PREPARED!

Not only because the conference comprised mainly of prepared food chefs for a national food chain, but also because every underlined message within the lectures boiled down to being prepared.  It wasn’t even used as much as it was suggested! Being prepared is vital for healthy success in mind, body, and spirit.

For example when it comes to your mind, having a mindset that believes: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” will help you push past your limits. It’s easy to stay stagnant in doing the same boring (possibly unhealthy) daily routine and staying within your comfortable boundaries, but does that challenge you? Does that encourage growth for you to become a better person? We both know the answer to those two questions…NO! Are you moving to the next level of success? Do you desire to do so? If you do, then taking time daily to visually think your way through things like the details of a more intense workout … a better work presentation with new ideas that allow you and your co-workers to think “outside the box”…. Or, maybe it’s to prepare yourself to get through a tough conversation. Whatever the case may be, being prepared will enable you to push through your comfort zone and into a place of growth. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always feel natural, but you will ease into the growth with the prep work you practice! Visualizing desired goals is a practiced form of preparation that even professional athletes do before playing their actual game. They prepare to win and you should too!

Now, when it comes to your body, being prepared physically allows you to be successful in things like your eating habits … your water intake … and your exercise routine. For instance, when you’re prepared by packing healthy foods the night before for lunch the next day it will set you up for success. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times will encourage you to consume more water throughout your day. Planning out your workout routine and journaling all your efforts will allow you to not only succeed in your goals, but also measure your progress so you can push past those goals.

And when it comes to your spirit, being prepared can make a difference for this life as well as eternal life. In Matthew 24:44 it reads:

“Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

So, I ask you…are you prepared? If you aren’t, then you will not fully succeed. You must be ready. This isn’t merely a suggestion or a warning…it’s a promise. Be ready…be prepared!

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