You forgot to pay the electric bill. Someone left the milk out overnight. You missed a deadline, and your son missed the bus.

Your heartbeat elevates, and your nerves stand on edge. You’re a wee bit angry at the world, and at the kids, and mostly at yourself.

You’ve been overmatched by your to-do list,

overloaded by your boss,

overextended at church,

and overlooked by a friend.

You’re feeling overwrought, overrun, overshadowed, overstrung.

It’s been a bad day, huh? And you just want it to be … over.

Yeah, I’ve been there.

The Bible didn’t say we couldn’t be angry.

But it does say to let the anger slip away,

before the sun slips out of sight.

Before the day is over …

could we hand the hurt and anger over?

“Be angry, and yet …

do not sin.

Do not let the sun go down on your anger.”

— Ephesians 4:26

Dear one, what has put you over the edge? How can we pray for you today?


 photo: Flickr

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