How do you perceive yourself?  Are you pretty hard on your body and what you look like?

I’ll admit, I have those days that I think “ugh, if only this would go away” or “if only I could change this body part!” To where you nit pick yourself and then the rest of the day you feel, blah!  And yes, I’ll admit I try to morph my muffin top into what it should look like, then Boing!! And it goes right back!

I heard an interview with a “plus size” model who is 6’1″ and a size 12 (size 12/14 is the national average for women by the way) talking about a photo shoot that she recently had.  They had dresses in size 0 and 2 for her to try and squeeze into!  Which my pinky toe couldn’t even fit into that size!  They then had her stand with her feet together to see if her thighs touched (which they did) and then proceeded to make her feel horrible by calling her all sorts of names!

Now, I’m not telling you all this to make you outraged with the modeling industry…but how she responded was a great teaching moment for all of us!  She said “I’m fine with it” (meaning how they treated and perceived her) “I love my body” she said and continued talking about how she loves her curves and is happy with the way she looks!

Grab hold of the truth in Genesis 1:27 where it talks about being creating in the image of God!  God doesn’t make mistakes!  Also, start telling yourself “I love my body!” Let’s make a pact right now, you and me…only positive comments will come out of our mouth about our body!  Not only for our sake, but especially those little ears that may be listening!  I think once we learn to do this, (key word being learn) we will see a positive effect spill over into other areas of our life!

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