The bathroom needed a remodel. A window built next to a tub became a window in a shower a long time and that window, wet and rotting, needed to go.  So we pulled the window, ripped the wall apart, filled in the hole and put in a new tub and shower.

But there’s something you have to keep in mind when remodeling your home. There’s a point in every project when it doesn’t look like a remodel: it looks like a mess. In mine, there were tiles and insulation on the floor, the old tub was broken into pieces, and there didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.  It would have been easy to fall into a “poor me, I’ll never get this done!” attitude. Instead, I remembered the end goal and kept that in mind.

I often do this in my journey of faith as well. Sometimes, things just seem to fall apart all at once: unexpected bills pour in, a family member is hurt, and stress at work is at an all time high. Those moments can push me toward a “poor me!” attitude. But that’s because I often forget that God is using the tough things to work on me.

Instead of a hopeless case, I’m just under construction.  I may not know exactly what the end product of this particular situation will look like, but I know that if I push forward and trust God through it, I’ll end up looking more like Jesus.

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