The Tea Cups. One of my favorite “must dos” when hanging out at an amusement park. Oh, but Tea Cups are just a warmup for me. I am the consummate theme park “fearless warrior”. I can ride anything at any time…and multiple times in a row if given the chance. For you see, I am called to lead the family through this rite of passage. Future generations of Calcaras (our last name literally means “Conquerors of Coasters!”) must master all parks of amusement. It is our Destiny.

Ahem. Please forgive me. I almost forgot the point of this post. Back to it now.

The happy folks you see here are members of my family enjoying the moment while I showed great Christian maturity, resisting the urge to indulge my flesh. Instead I was the model “Christian Grandpa” watching my kids babies in the heat of the Silver Dollar City sun while they rode the Cups and then even the Gallion, mind you? Oh, and it didn’t stop there. Oh, no. I took the high road time after time resisting even roller coasters and water rides choosing instead to appease screaming kids so everyone else could play.

“Don’t you worry about Ol’ Grandpa. You go have your fun in the sun. When you come down that exit runway claiming bragging rights for your adventure conquest, I’ll still be here. Patting junior ’til he falls asleep and feeding YOUR OTHER KIDS a frosty, overpriced cup of sugar, food coloring and shaved ice aka: “lemonade” so I can survive until you return.”

Ok. I lied about most of what you just heard. Actually, I get sick on Tea Cups or anything that spins. I proceed with caution when riding coasters and don’t like the water rides ’cause they get my socks wet.

And actually, they are not just THEIR KIDS, they are also MY GRANDKIDS and I much prefer slurping theme park lemonade with them (though it does indeed cost an arm and a leg) than waiting in a ninety minute line so i can brag about enduring 47 seconds of twists and turns. So perhaps, it was only “minorly sacrificial” for Grandma and me to play with our infant and toddler blessings to let our kids be kids…again.

And for a brief moment, I caught myself transported to a day long since past. It was a snapshot in the archives of my memory. It was like a cool breeze giving a brief respite to the hot afternoon. It was triggered when I caught one of our sons, now fully a man running (or he might actually have been skipping) down the roller coaster exit runway hand in hand with his bride and her gorgeous smile. He had that same kiddish grin on his face that made his mother and me smile back in the formative years…and It still makes us smile today.

If the family takes in an amusement park this summer, and you get the chance to give up your place in line so that someone you love needs the ride worse than you do, do it! Trust me…it’s way worth it. Even if your name means “Conquerors of Coasters”.

“but the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5

Something to think about.

photo: Flickr

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