It wasn’t until after my kids were in bed Sunday night that I realized, we hadn’t turned the TV on for days! Not a huge feat, I know, but it’s not been the norm. Through this winter that kept on giving our family’s had so many movie nights and clicked through entire seasons of shows on Netflix. The nicer weekend weather though let us enjoy a few days outside and “unplugged”.

I read on Mashable today about a new summer camp for adults aimed at that very goal, helping them unplug! It’s called Camp Grounded, organized by The Digital Detox. It’s four days of cabins, roasting marshmallows, arts n’ crafts, capture the flag, and more… and NO computers, phones, gadgets, or work!

I’m thinking I should try this soon with my family; plan a weekend trip full of fun and games, with a strict “no tech” rule. What do you think, would you survive a weekend disconnected?

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