Window Stickers

Life Window Stickers Banner

If Life 97.3 has been there with you, helping you and God to really connect, help a fellow Northland neighbor connect to that hope too – right in their car, through Life 97.3!

With a Life 97.3 Window Sticker on your car, mini-van, or truck – it’s easy to share your favorite radio station!

This is not an old school bumper sticker… the Life 97.3 Window Sticker is a durable vinyl decal that won’t ruin your paint.  Put it up high in the corner on your back window to share Life 97.3 without blocking your view.  And, not that you’d ever want to remove the Window Sticker  – if you ever have to sell your car or whatever, the decal’s high tech adhesive is designed for easy removal.

Tell us how many cars you’d like a Window Sticker for… we’ll send ‘em to you!