1. Bless the Lord 4:05
  2. Immortal, Invisible 3:18
  3. Mighty to Save 3:49
  4. Indescribable 2:01
  5. Great God Who Saves 4:00
  6. There Is Nothing 3:52
  7. Make Something Beautiful 4:02
  8. Grace 4:34
  9. I Think of You 2:54
  10. Perfect Peace 3:47

Mighty To Save

Laura Story

One story about "Mighty To Save"

  • Barbara Shabert says:

    This song (no matter who sings it) reminds me of the God we serve. He is mighty! He is strong! He knows and loves me not matter what. It also reminds me that I need to shine my light and let the whole world (at least my world) know that Jesus saves and we need Him.

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