1. American Intro 1:33
  2. Keep Me 4:03
  3. Run Devil Run 3:26
  4. My Victory 4:17
  5. Prove It [feat. KB] 0:00
  6. All You Burdens 2:26
  7. Back to the Garden 4:16
  8. Forgiven 3:57
  9. Promised Land (Glory, Hallelujah) [feat. Tedashii] 4:48
  10. All My Hope 4:14
  11. Shouting Grounds 3:41
  12. Shepherd 4:01
  13. All We Sinners 4:35
  14. American Outro 5:12



I’m the one who held the nail /it was cold between my fingertips /I’ve hidden in the garden /I’ve denied You with my very lips /God, I fall down to my knees /with a hammer in my hand /You look at me, arms open /forgiven, forgiven /child, there is freedom /from all of it /say goodbye to every sin /you are forgiven /I’ve done things I wish I hadn’t done /I’ve seen things I wish I hadn’t seen /just the thought of Your amazing grace /and I cry, “Jesus, forgive me” /God, I fall down to my knees /with a hammer in my hand /You look at me, arms open /I could’ve been six feet under /I could’ve been lost forever /yeah, I should be in that fire /but now there’s fire inside of me /here I am a dead man walking /no grave gonna hold God’s people /all the weight of all our evil /lifted away, forever free /who could believe /who could believe /forgiven, forgiven /You love me even when I don’t deserve it /forgiven, I’m forgiven /Jesus, Your blood makes me innocent /so I will say goodbye to every sin /I am forgiven, I am forgiven

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