Drive-thru Difference

It’s simple: Go to a drive-thru and pay for of the person behind you! You’ll impact someone’s day in ways much greater than just buying something for yourself!

To get started, simply Download a Drive Thru Difference Note (PDF). Print it out, even a few copies, and take it with you when you go about your day. Hand it to the cashier to give to the person in the car behind you. It’s a great little note to let them know you cared. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce them to Life 97.3…and maybe, just maybe, introduce them to Jesus.

You can also order a year’s worth (12) of Drive Thru Difference notes by signing up below.

We would love to hear your stories!  You can call the Life 97.3 Drive Thru Difference line at 218-409-6583.




12 Drive Thru Difference cards

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