Dave St. John

Why Katy Perry matters

Pressure. We’re good at putting it on our kids to “be good” and “do what is right.”  Today, I was harshly reminded I’ve been an overachiever in this area. It seems I’ve also successfully created unfair expectations (through a well executed stink eye) to extend pressure beyond my kids–onto my pastor’s…


This is why you were grumpy

Nobody chooses to wake up grumpy. It’s hard enough leaving the comfort of a toasty bed only to be hit by a chill in the room somewhere on the magnitude of 5:00AM in Nome, Alaska.   But this time of year, the lack of sunlight coming into your bedroom and the abundance of wintry air only adds to your struggle with that groggy feeling. …


Why your ex-husband matters

The headlights were shining on the bare garage wall in front of us. When my mom, brother, and I left for the weekend- that same wall was covered with dark brown pegboard, holding neatly arranged hooks that my dad used to hold his tools.  Now they were all gone- and instantly I knew he was gone, too.  While I don’t remember much of my…


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