Alone in marriage

When you first said, “I do,” did you have any idea it would be like this? Are you currently carrying more than you bargained for? Everyone who marries will eventually encounter a season or two where the weight of the relationship ends up on their shoulders. Spouses get sick, distracted, selfish, or overworked; they pursue further…


The KISS approach to marriage

When conflicts arise, making a marriage work can seem incredibly difficult…even impossible. Though emotions become intense, heated, sad, fearful, or even avoidant, don’t despair. These are all clues that you and your spouse really care! If you didn’t care, there would be very little emotion. Many couples, however, don’t…



Tips for smart stepmoms

Re-marriage brings new challenges especially for the children. Laura Petherbridge shares insights on how to thrive as a stepmom.


How to evaluate your marriage at its deepest levels

Have you ever wanted to know how to evaluate the health of your marriage? There are two simple filters that reveal the “spiritual temperature” of your relationship. You can get an accurate view of how your marriage is doing from a biblical perspective. You can see how you’re doing emotionally and spiritually simply by looking…


Is there marriage after kids?

An op-ed piece in the New York Times entitled “Till Children Do Us Part,” seems to suggest that being a parent can be hazardous to marriage. “Over the past two decades many researchers have concluded that 3’s a crowd when it comes to marital satisfaction. More than 25 separate studies have established that marital quality…

My second chance at marriage

If you receive a wedding invitation – put the RSVP in the mail the day you get it. You know if you’re going or not.… You may be waiting for those replies to come in for your spring or summer wedding like I am and I have to say…getting married this time is so different. I had a beautiful wedding when my late husband and I got


Just a note

There is a list in my mind of my favorite things to read. Those things that make me smile, as I read and think about the words before me. One of those things is a recipe in my grandma’s handwriting. Raising six kids, grandma knew her way around the kitchen and was able to keep everyone’s tummy full of good things.  Holidays were special…


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Embracing a new name

Amidst a world of confusion and chaos, Lisa invites us to grow in the likeness of our new names and embrace our true identity in Jesus Christ. 



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