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Don’t wear out your neck

Most of us take our necks for granted. That is, until it begins to ache. And just to make sure it’s got our attention, a painful neck will begin to “lock up” so that we lose motion, most notably, in rotation. One day you are able to turn your head comfortably, and the next day, there is a painfully abrupt “stop” to that formally…


Put on a happy face

A change in season and colder weather means your face needs a little extra protection. We bundle up our bodies, but our face will be exposed to all the elements a midwest winter throws our way for the next several months. The cold wind and dry air can be tough on our skin. While moisturizers help, taking care of our skin from within can…


It’s okay to say “I love my body”

How do you perceive yourself?  Are you pretty hard on your body and what you look like? I’ll admit, I have those days that I think “ugh, if only this would go away” or “if only I could change this body part!” To where you nit pick yourself and then the rest of the day you feel, blah!  And yes, I’ll…


How to save money at the warehouse club

Just because you bought the membership doesn’t mean you’ll always find the best deals at Costco or Sam’s Club!  Carrie Rocha from PocketYourDollars.com has some good pointers to help you save more: DON’T Buy: Breakfast food like cereal and yogurt cups. Cereal is on sale at the grocery store 2-3 times…


Pete’s perseverance

I must brag a bit today about one of my clients who has recently released 110 pounds so far. His name is Pete and he’s almost 70 years old. There’s a mountain near his home in Oregon that he hasn’t climbed since he was a kid and his goal has been to climb it once again. So we’ve been training for just that! He’s…


Are you standing on a short leg?

Most of my patients are caught completely off-guard when I tell them that that one of their legs is significantly shorter than the other. As their physical therapist I know that their inherent “unevenness” may have created or has compounded the pain complaints that the patient has come to be treated for. In the adult population,…


Our health – does it matter to God?

We may fail to remember this mighty truth, but the Lord never will: Our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. Because God designed the human body to be a finely tuned instrument —the most resilient on earth, in fact — bodies are geared to endure the likes of fractures, adhesions, sprains, strains, and pain. That said, however,…


Eating healthier: It’s a mental game

Having a healthy diet can be tough, and I found a great article about how to win the “mental game” when it comes to eating right.  Two things that stood out: WATCH OUT FOR THE “FREE STUFF” My dad has a saying “If it’s free, it’s for me,”  and I can’t help but think that I got…


Apple recipes anyone!

Autumn snuck up on us this past weekend, which put me in the mood (not only to shop for warm clothes!) but to try out some new yummy apple recipes! Grab the family, spend the day at your local orchard, and experience picking your own apples!  Usually the orchards have a “festival” on the weekends w/wagon or hay rack rides,…


Exercise at your desk

Incorporate small, simple actions throughout your day and make your workouts work for you during your workday.


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