Saving for retirement

According to data collected by Live Science, only 41% of Baby Boomers retired when they thought they would. Fifty one percent retired earlier than expected. The top two reasons for early retirement? Poor health and a lack of job opportunities. 8% retired later than they had planned, often because they needed the money. It’s important…


Were coupons making me fat?

My wife and I used to do some HEAVY couponing.  We were one of “those” people.  Many times we’d come home with bags of items, which not only did we get for free, sometimes the store would credit our bill for certain transactions. One thing started happening.  Even though we were keeping our monthly grocery…


10 things to know about IRAs

Saving for retirement should be an essential part of everyone’s financial plan. One of the best ways to do that is to open an IRA. If you’re unsure if an IRA is right for you or if you don’t even know what an IRA is, here are 10 things to know about IRAs to help you understand what they are and how they work. “IRA” is an acronym for…


A best friend’s wedding: How to balance your budget

‘Tis the season… the season of tux fittings, cake selection, guest lists, ring resizing, alterations, centerpieces, and general wedding bliss! However, for those who are bystanders, ’tis the season of receiving wedding/shower/bachelor and bachelorette party invitations every other week. As we…


Money management tips for graduates

Graduates: as you transition to the next phase in your lives, money management will become a bigger responsibility. You’ll likely make more money but will also have bills – and probably debt – that you previously never had to deal with. By establishing healthy financial practices early on, you can set yourselves up for a lifetime…


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