Growing in Faith

Don’t judge a gift by its….

Walking through Walmart recently, I had to laugh at those funny gift boxes that look like containers for a different and totally fake product:  Things like the “iArm” mount for your tablet, so you can mount your iPad to your arm (or your car’s steering wheel); or the “Family-size Snuggy” so a whole…


The spirit of Christmas is who you were created to be

So often around this time of year we hear about the “spirit of Christmas”, which is a reference to how people seem to care more for one another. We are a little nicer to strangers, a little more generous to those in need and our moods are often more optimistic and hopeful. But what if I told you that’s how God created you to be…EVERYDAY.…


Advent-ures in waiting

The other day my first born found out the gender of her soon-to-be second born child. Ahhhh…there was a sigh of relief once we all felt the confirmation that baby number two was fine, healthy and of course what gender it was. It was hard to wait. In my days of my having two babies we didn’t know what we were giving birth to.…


Saving grace

Does anybody say grace before a meal anymore? Growing up, this was a ritual that occurred at our dinner table. Every. Single. Night. I’m sure the intentions for starting this tradition were admirable, but by the time I was a teenager, singing grace at dinner {yes, there was a tune to ours} was a rote exercise. I took about a…


Candy Land wisdom

As my daughter unfolded the new Candy Land game from the box, the anticipation was building in her young little helper. Avery waited…but really he just wanted to get his hands on the spinner. I could see it in his eyes. Actually, his little 3-year-old anxiety was wanting to touch the spinner, the game pieces, and the board. All…


Finding thankfulness in time for Thanksgiving

1 more page of empty lines left in my journal. I don’t know about you, but my journal is my lifeblood – to process, pray and simply record. So this nearing-the-end thing is a cause for panic, a race to the nearest Barnes & Noble. But it’s also a time to reminisce. As I turn back to page 1, memories come alive: On Jan. 17th,…


Chairs and tables and sharpies….oh my!

My kitchen table is a little like me. It started out new and fresh. But, then you live a little and before you know it you’re covered in scratches and permanent stains. At one point, I got so sick of seeing the mess that I hid the table and chairs in the garage. There, I said, “it can be used as a junky garage table, that’s all it’s…


We are who God made us to be

I’m all about encouraging you! You are a masterpiece! When God made you, God really DID break the mold. There is no other person who is like you. Knowing that we are unique should humble us. It goes even further, He can use everybody He creates. God can look at you and can see what you will become before you have actually become it.…


It’s okay to say “I love my body”

How do you perceive yourself?  Are you pretty hard on your body and what you look like? I’ll admit, I have those days that I think “ugh, if only this would go away” or “if only I could change this body part!” To where you nit pick yourself and then the rest of the day you feel, blah!  And yes, I’ll…


When you don’t know what to do

I may have made this look way easier than it seems. Perhaps I have mislead you. Stepping out on faith should be easy, but rarely ever is. Our minds get in the way of our hearts. I wonder if the Bible greats like Noah, Moses, David, Paul, the many major and minor prophets, went through the same logical thought processes. I would like to think…


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