Every single marriage will include conflict, at some point or another. They key becoming a stronger couple is to know how to work through this conflict and use it to bring you and your spouse closer together, and not further apart. I truly believe that the marriages that go the distance contain two people who know how to work through disagreements in a healthy, loving way.

This doesn’t mean just burying your emotions and pretending not to get mad. In fact, that is a recipe for serious conflict down the road!

Our friend Jim Burns, from Homeword, shares some easy-to-understand tips on how to resolve conflict in the marriage relationship.

When it comes to marital conflict, read my lips: Not all problems are resolvable! I wish more marriage experts would just tell us that from the beginning. Some problems we face are perpetual. These are problems that will always be in our lives in one form or another. You will have issues in your relationship where the best you can do is agree to disagree. When that is the case, move on. Find a workable solution so you can both live with it. You do this every day at work with co-worker relationships, so make it happen with your spouse. 

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  • Cathie McGill says:

    Thank you for this article. My husband and I been going through a lot of conflict lately. I know a lot has to do with his mental illness, but I also need to be able to handle things better. We are fighting for a stronger marriage. I keep the Lord Jesus Christ close to our hearts as we fight through this. The article gave me some great tips for us to talk about. Than you.

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