The Christian church in America has been steeped in cultural clashes, winds of compromise, and waves of biblical illiteracy. We need to find our footing on the Rock that is Christ!  Pastor Jim Cymbala of The Brooklyn Tabernacle talks about hearing God’s voice and following His leading in today’s stormy world.

In Jim’s new book, Storm: Hearing Jesus for the Times We Live In, he names several warnings that we’re headed for challenging times in the American church:

• Transformations are not happening – men and women are coming to church on a weekly basis but leaving with no lasting impact.

• Biblical literacy is declining – with access to Scripture on every piece of technology, fewer people are familiar with the Bible.

• Christians are not as prevalent as we’re led to believe – the percentage of Americans who identify as biblical Christians is in the single digits.

How can we start to reverse the tide? Jim outlines a number of things we need to address:

• The importance of preaching the Word in every season and situation.

• Repentance starting with God’s people.

• Embracing the Gospel as it is, rather than the prosperity gospel

Jim says we can return to a place of powerful influence by walking in love, submitting to the Holy Spirit, and repenting of our sins.

“It’s not a time to curse the darkness; it’s a time to light a candle. Storm is about how to get not only through the storm but how to fight its winds back, so we can be the church that brings glory to the Father. We’ve got to get back to not reinventing the church; we’ve got to rediscover the Christian church from the New Testament in all of its power and glory.

We can’t think we’re special because of the way our country was founded. Political answers are not even in the realm of possibility. Who’s in the White House – Republican, Democrat – that has nothing to do with any real change in America because America cannot be different than Americans. The state of America is exactly corresponding to the spiritual condition of Americans, and the Bible only gives us one power that can change the American heart. Christ’s answer in the gospel.”

Jim’s other resources include Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire; Breakthrough Prayer; and Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Highlight : Hurricane Sandy and the impending cultural storm


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